Why do we exist?

We care about every Shopper and Shopkeeper who is a part of the fashion industry. We exist to keep our commitment to them.
We are committed to our mission of simplifying Offline Fashion Retail using Information and Technology.
We are committed to our vision of Building a Knowledge Ecosystem that allows Offline Fashion Retail to overcome challenges posed by constantly developing technology.

What are we?

Simply put, www.magarmach.com is Your Favourite Local Fashion Outlet Finder!
To put it in a slightly fancy way, we are a Fashion Centric, Geo-Explorative, Aggregational Knowledge Ecosystem.

What's in it for Shoppers?

We know how tedious shopping can get & how much, many people strongly dislike the online shopping experience.
We stay in constant connect with the rapidly growing number of shopkeepers, who use our platform to ensure they maintain the accuracy of the information we provide you.
We seek to provide the vast community of Fashion lovers the opportunity to share their reviews and experiences so that all can benefit from the feedback.
We hope to establish a higher standard for the offline shopping experience so you can make informed choices that allow you to truly
Step out for the love of Fashion.

What's In it for Shopkeepers?

We Understand that there has been an exponential growth of well funded online Stores and marketplaces & that local shoppers have been facing a serious decline in sales.
We want to prevent the marginalization of pre existing Bricks and Mortar Fashion outlets that are true institutions & legacies in their own right.
We want to create the opportunity for them to allow themselves to thrive in an Online-Offline Hybridized Space and stay in control of their businesses & grow.
We want them to have the equal opportunity to experience growth and safeguard their futures as entities.
We want to make transactions happen faster so that businesses can grow faster.
We want to make market entry easier for independent Fashion related businesses, so that we can see the emergence of new and powerful fashion houses.
We want to provide them with a chance to showcase their products and crucial info and simplify the decision making process for buyers.

What's in it for Influencers, Fashion Bloggers and Digital Agencies?

We know how passionately you feel about fashion and we want to empower your voice and help you become an authority when it comes to how the fashion industry evolves in the future.
We know how important it is for you to get your word out & create trends.
We know how important conversions, walkins and traffic are to you & your clients who run offline businesses. 
We know how competitive & expensive it's been getting, especially when it comes to acquiring accounts. 
We know how important it is for those who get word out to have access to more businesses that need their services.
Moreover we wanted to create a solution to facilitate tracking of conversions generated by bloggers and agencies for offline fashion outlets.

What's in it for Stylists, Designers, Bespoke Wear Specialists & Pop-up Shops ?

We want to help your clients and prospects reach you all 365 days of the year.
We want to help your clients know more about your products easily.
We want to help your clients book meetings with you seamlessly
We want you to have as much business as you'd like to handle.

Why do we exist?

Because we've made a commitment to each & every one of you!